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Jun 29 2012

“He come all the way from around the world…”

At last update, summer school hadn’t started yet. Today was day 9 of summer school. Let me tell you, a lot can happen in 9 days plus a weekend. How much, you ask?

I am a math teacher, after all. I’d be remiss if I didn’t put it into numbers.

students in my Algebra I class
4 teachers for my class (including me)
6 lessons taught so far

2 teachers at my school who’ve asked me to drop in while they’re teaching, say something to them in rapid-fire Norwegian (having taught them previously how to respond) and then walk out, solely to confuse the crap out of their students

46.6% average score on the beginning-of-summer diagnostic test
77.2% average daily mastery (class-wide average of all scores on ‘exit tickets’–5-minute quizzes at the end of each lesson)
63% progress made toward personal growth goal by the student who has advanced furthest since we started
-0.8% progress made toward personal growth goal by the student who has advanced least since we started

0 behavioral incidents in my classroom
1 individual (not a summer school student) arrested for being in possession of a gun on school property

6.5 average hours of sleep per night
5:40 AM my first alarm goes off every morning

1 student who, on his Classroom Culture Survey, responded to the question “How do you know whether or not this teacher truly cares about you?” with “He come all the way from around the world to come over and help us out.”

0 times I’ve regretted joining the movement.

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